The 2020 ATEC General concentration has several option clusters that allow students to choose between several courses to complete a requirement. Below are the option lists for all lower-level and upper-level major requirements on the 2020 ATEC General concentration.

If applying for one of the specialized concentrations, check the 2020 Catalog page (Animation & Games; Critical Media Studies) to confirm the course you're choosing would fit as both an ATEC General concentration cluster course and as a requirement on your desired concentration. If you have questions, please email ATECadvising at utdallas.edu.

Lower Level

You will take exactly 1 course from the Histories group. You must also take 1 course from Group A, 1 course from Group B, and a third course that can be from either Group A or Group B.

Group A

  • ATCM 2321 Reading Media Critically
  • ATCM 2330 Digital Art and Social Practice
  • ATCM 2350 Time-Based Media

Group B

  • ATCM 2303 Project Management for ATEC I
  • ATCM 2310 Animation and Game Fundamentals
  • ATCM 2320 Critical Media Research Foundations
  • ATCM 2345 Principles of Digital Audio
  • ATCM 2355 Survey of Digital Fabrication


  • ATCM 2315 Animation Origins and Techniques
  • ATCM 2322 Media Histories
  • ATCM 2343 Emerging Media Art Histories
  • ATCM 2360 Design Histories
  • ATCM 2375 Histories of Games

Upper Level

You will take 5 courses that must come from at least 2 groups. You may therefore take a maximum of four classes from a single group, since at least one class must come from a different group. If preferred, you may also spread them out over all four groups.

Animation and Games

  • ATCM 3305 Computer Animation I
  • ATCM 3306 Modeling and Texturing I
  • ATCM 3307 Lighting and Composition I
  • ATCM 3308 Rigging I
  • ATCM 3365 Game Design I
  • ATCM 3367 Level Design I

Critical Media Studies

  • ATCM 3315 Animation Studies
  • ATCM 3320 Critical Media Theories
  • ATCM 3321 Networked Identities
  • ATCM 3325 Global Media Cultures
  • ATCM 3366 Game Studies I


  • ATCM 3336 Design Research Methods
  • ATCM 3337 Interaction Design I
  • ATCM 3338 Motion Graphics I

Emerging Media Art

  • ATCM 3346 Audio Productions Lab I
  • ATCM 3350 Digital Video Production I
  • ATCM 3355 Computer Modeling for Digital Fabrication
  • ATCM 4326 Mediated Textuality
  • ATCM 4330 Culture Jamming
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