Requesting a Room

To request a space, please email ATECReservation@utdallas.edu. Please allow up to 1 week for the events team to process requests. 
IMPORTANT: Space is not reserved until you receive an email confirmation from the events team; please do not schedule a guest speaker or advertise your event until you receive verification. 
Only FACULTY and STAFF are eligible to request room reservations.

When emailing your request, please include the following information:

  1. Department oversight
  2. Reservation title
  3. Purpose of reservation
  4. Number of expected participants
  5. Reservation date
  6. Reservation start and end time
  7. Do you need a classroom?
  8. Do you need a lab with computers? 
  9. Do you need a projector?
  10. Do you need a whiteboard?
  11. Will there be catering? 

Changing or Cancelling a Reservation

Please send an email to ATECReservation@utdallas.edu referencing the event name and intended date. Briefly outline your need for cancelling or changing your reservation in the body of the email.

Classroom Policy 

Classroom requests (outside of standard curriculums) require special registrar approval. If your requested date is during a reading day, an exam week, a UTD-sanctioned holiday or student break, no students are allowed to be involved in said meeting. This rule was set in place by faculty, Deans, and academic advisors to protect our students’ academic health.

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