Catering Request Procedure

All catering orders must have a minimum of 12 people in attendance. 

To request catering, please email ATECReservation@utdallas.edu within 15 business days of the required date. Please include the following information:

  1. Event title 
  2. Business justification
  3. Location
  4. Start and end time (for food service)
  5. Department oversight and intended area funds for purchase
  6. Number of expected guests
  7. Menu type (i.e. “Lunch”, “Buffet”, “Dessert Reception”, “Heavy Hors d ’Oeuvres”, etc.) 
  8. If there are less than 15 individuals attending, you must include the names and affiliations of all those in attendance

 Only FACULTY and STAFF are eligible to request catering.


Faculty/Staff Lunch Policy

The events team cannot order lunch for your meetings unless it falls under one of the following categories:

  1. It is a re-occurring meeting scheduled in one of the ATC conference rooms, has more than 12 people consistently attending, and you provided a cost center when reserving a meeting space at the beginning of the semester.
  2. It is part of a larger ATEC-sanctioned event in which the events team is already involved. 
  3. You have more than 25 guests attending and you notified the events team within 15 business days.   


Faculty/Staff Pizza Delivery Procedure

Pizza delivery, regardless of group size, is exempt from the outside catering request process and does not require Chartwells approval.

The OneCard may be used to order pizza for sanctioned ATEC labs or departments, including use for research labs meetings, departmental meetings, etc. Only ATEC faculty or staff may check out the OneCard. Student groups may not check out the OneCard.

To order pizza, please email ATECsupport@utdallas.edu and request a OneCard check out. Include the following information:

  1. Cost estimate
  2. Cost Center to be charged with proof of written approval of the Cost Center owner
  3. Event title
  4. Business justification
  5. Location
  6. Date, including start and end time (for food service)
  7. Department responsible for event
  8. Number of expected guests

You will receive a reply from ATEC Support with a time of check out for the OneCard, which you will then pick up from the ATEC Support Center, located in ATC 2.302 (please bring a photo ID).

You may then place your catering order, but you must request a “tax exempt order on behalf of UT-Dallas” when you call. Verify that your receipt will be itemized.

Preferred pizza vendors are Palio’s Pizza Cafe, Cici’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. Please do not tip more than $8 once delivered.

Once receipt is received from delivery, scan and submit back to the initial ATECsupport@utdallas.edu email thread for processing.


UTD Chartwells Policy

The University of Texas at Dallas has a long‐standing exclusive food service contract with Chartwells. For catering services, the terms specify Chartwells has right of first refusal for all catering provided in UT Dallas buildings located on the main campus.

If your guests have certain dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, belief-based diets, etc.), please include that information in your request. The events team will do all they can with Chartwells to accommodate such requests, but cannot guarantee all dietary restrictions can be met.

All catering orders must have a minimum of 12 people in attendance. 

Only FACULTY and STAFF are eligible to request catering.



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