Requesting a Parking Pass

To request a complimentary ATEC parking pass, please email ATECReservation@utdallas.edu. You must make your request at least 3 business days before you need the pass, and no more than 1 month before.  Please include the following information:

  1. Department host
  2. Number of passes
  3. Guest name(s)
  4. Date passes are needed
  5. Start and end time for when your guest(s) will be on campus
  6. Business purpose of visit

If approved by Parking and Transportation, you will receive a copy of the pass and a campus map (via email) from the events team. You will then be responsible for contacting your guest(s) with the materials on behalf of your department.  

Only FACULTY and STAFF are eligible to request parking passes.


Event Registration Policy 

If you are requesting more than 21 passes, your event must be registered with the University. Please email ATECReservation@utdallas.edu to work with the events team on event registration. ATEC event requests and registrations are required 5 weeks in advance.

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