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Animation Concentration Checklist

The following items is what is needed to be eligible to apply. If you have any questions reach out to your advisor for more information or clarification:

Coursework Requirement – Grade of “B” or better in one of the following:

  • ATCM 2310 Animation & Game Fundamentals or
  • ATCM 2305 Computer Animation Processes or
  • ATCM 2365 Game Design Fundamentals


Student Digital Portfolio (submitted as a link)

 Your webpage/link must include all of the following:

  • Current visual artwork quality or technical proficiency (coding/scripting).  Work can come from any of your course work or work that you have done on your own.  You may include your best work from Computer Imaging, Design I, CS I or II and any other art, animation, game, or programming courses that you have taken at UTD or at other schools. Executable files (.exe) or .zip files will not be downloaded for review.
  •  Essay + Critique: Consider having your writing materials reviewed by the UTD Writing Center before submitting your application, https://www.utdallas.edu/studentsuccess/writing-and-speaking/writing-center/.

a. Essay - In 200-300 words, explain why you are motivated to enter the profession of animation. Writing should be clear and grammatically correct, as well as informative.

b. Film Critique- Write a short essay (300-500 words) examining an animated film. The essay should state a clear argument (your thesis) and examine the film for supporting literary and visual evidence. Try to think beyond statements like, "X is my favorite film because..." Topics to consider in your analysis are not limited to, but may include: cultural implications and historical impact; how the story, tone, themes or visual style are represented visually; what techniques does the director use to heighten the emotional feel or impact of the film; consideration of lighting, staging, editing, etc.


Need help with formatting your portfolio?

The following portfolio links have the framework in which your portfolio can showcase both your work and essays. If you have questions about how to best display your application materials email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu.


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