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Application-Based Courses

An application-based course is one that can only be taken by students who have applied and been accepted into the course prior to the beginning of registration. Emails are sent out to all ATEC students prior to registration, detailing which courses require an application and what materials (portfolio, etc.) are required to apply. Students who do not apply for an application-based course, or apply but are not accepted cannor register for the course.

The following courses are application-based, keep in mind that other courses not listed below can also be application-based. 

  • ATCM 3309 Pre-Production Design I*
  • ATCM 4305 Computer Animation II
  • ATCM 4306 Modeling & Texturing II 
  • ATCM 4307 Lighting & Composition II 
  • ATCM 4308 Rigging II 
  • ATCM 4316/17 Animation Lab I & II*
  • ATCM 4319 Topics in Animation*
    • Selected Topics- Refer to registration email sent out by ATEC Advising
  • ATCM 4339 Motion Graphics Lab
  • ATCM 4364Topics in Design & Production*
    • Selected Topics- Refer to registration email sent out by ATEC Advising 
  • ATCM 4376/77 Game Production Lab I & II*

Animation Pathway/Concentration Students 

Students on the Animation Pathway/Concentration will have priority registration to all courses listed above the exception of those marked with an asterisk (*). Priority registration will be obtained by completing the Course Interest survey sent out on week 8 of every long semester (spring/fall). Failure to submit a response to the survey will result in loss of priority registration and registration into courses. 

Game Pathway/Concentration Students

Students on the Games Pathway/Concentration are not required to submit any applications for Game courses with the exception of ATCM 4376/77 Game Production Lab I & II. Applications for this course will be released on week 2 for Creative Director positions and week 4 for Team Member positions. 


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