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Join Ask ATEC to communicate with Advisors and Peer Mentors! If the above link does not work, you can search for the team "Ask ATEC" or use this code to join: 87zcsic. 

Please note: While this is a UTD approved means of communication, it is NOT a replacement for UTD email.  Other members of the “Ask ATEC” Team (students and staff) will be able to see your posts.  With that in mind, please limit all FERPA-protected information and questions to email with your advisor or ATECadvising@utdallas.edu

If you experience any technical difficulties when adding the Ask ATEC team, please email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu to be added manually.


Peer Mentor Live Chat

Join the Peer Mentor Live chat in the Ask ATEC channel.  If you have questions about:
Understanding your degree plan
Concentration Applications

Your Peer Mentors can answer these questions and much more! 

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