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Capstone Proposal Information

All School of ATEC students must complete Capstone during their graduating semester. Enrollment is restricted to students going into their last long (Fall/Spring) semester at UTD.

Capstone is an upper-level major requirement for all School of ATEC majors and is intended as a culminating course for the major. Students create a project of their own choosing with faculty supervision. To apply, students must submit their Capstone Proposal by the posted deadline in the semester prior to their graduating semester. After faculty review, students are assigned to either ATCM 4397 (Senior Seminar) or ATCM 4398 (Capstone Project).

Faculty will review proposals in the weeks following the deadline and assign students to ATCM 4397 or 4398. Late, incorrect, and/or incomplete applications risk reduced supervisor options and may delay graduation.

If you have additional information to note, include it in the ‘Additional Information’ section at the end of the proposal.

If you have questions about or difficulties submitting your Capstone Proposal, contact Kelley Henderson at kelley.henderson at utdallas.edu.

Capstone Proposal Questions 

Capstone Proposal Questions (open using Adobe Acrobat for editable pdf)

This editable pdf contains the questions from the Capstone Proposal that require advance preparation. Use this to help you prepare your proposal answers ahead of your due date. This is meant to be a planning tool for preparing your official Capstone Proposal submission. You will need to submit your official Capstone Proposal using the survey link you receive via email.

If you would like to submit a late proposal, you must complete the editable pdf linked above and email it to the Capstone Coordinator, Kelley Henderson, at kelley.henderson@utdallas.edu. Students who submit late proposals are automatically assigned to ATCM 4397 Senior Seminar. If you have any questions or concerns about your graduation plans, please contact your assigned academic advisor.

General Capstone Timeline 

Week 4: Capstone Proposal Updated; Proposal Link emailed to eligible students
Week 7/8: Capstone Proposals Due 
Week 10: Schedule for upcoming semester released and enrollment dates assigned in Orion 
Week 11: Students Notified of Capstone Assignments 
Week 12: Registration Begins

Current Semester Information

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