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ATEC Website and Event Calendar

Use the appropriate form below to submit your request.

ATEC Email Communications

Use the appropriate form below to submit your request.

  • ATEC Email Communication Request – Request an email to be sent out to all ATEC students, faculty, and/or staff. Emails submitted via this form must relate to an ATEC affiliated event, internship, workshop, or academic program. All other University-related emails should be submitted here.
  • Faculty/Staff Submission Only: ATEC Kudos Submission – Include a shout-out in the monthly ATEC Kudos post. Kudos can be about ATEC faculty, staff, student, and/or lab achievements. All student submissions must be approved and sent by a faculty or staff member. Kudos must be submitted by the 28th day of the month to be included.
  • Faculty/Staff Submission Only: ATEC Research Friday Request – Include your event or workshop in the weekly ATEC Research Friday email. This event must be held on a Friday, hosted by an ATEC faculty member, and open to the general public. Requests must be made on or before Wednesdays by 2:00 PM.

ATEC Digital Signage and Social Media

For help reaching the ATEC audience via digital signage or social media, use the appropriate form below to submit your request.

Graphic Design, Print Collateral, Photo/Video, and Other Creative Projects

For all other requests, including graphic design, print collateral, photo/video, or other creative projects, send an email to ATECCreative@utdallas.edu. Please allow at least 2 business days to process all requests. Please let us know at least 14 days in advance of events that need to be documented. For branded campaigns and collateral pieces, please allow up to 30 days for development/printing.

ATEC Brand Standards

ATEC brand standards and assets can be found here.

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