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General Questions

Can I still complete an ATEC degree without applying into any of the pathways/concentrations?

Yes, you can still complete the degree on the Design and Production Pathway/Concentration, which does not require an application.  Most students were admitted to the ATEC major on this pathway, but it is in your best interest to check with your academic advisor to make sure it is declared properly in Orion. Design and Production includes some courses from all the pathways within ATEC, and students on this pathway may choose to apply to advanced level courses in other pathways.


If I am currently taking a course, do I need to submit my application now?

Yes, you may use work that you have completed in the course so far.  If you feel that you would rather build your skills in this course, you may choose to apply next semester.

How many students will be getting into any of the pathways/concentrations?

There is no set number at this time. 

Will the application change for the next semester?

Yes.  The application is subject to change as the degree changes to keep up with technological advances.

The Review Process

Will my admit type (freshman or transfer or post-bacc) play a part in my application?

Students who enter UT Dallas as a freshman should submit a pathway/concentration application in their 3rd semester.  Transfer students can apply for a pathway/concentration in their 2nd or 3rd semester.  All applicants will be reviewed based on the same standards.      

What would disqualify me from the pathway/concentration other than not submitting an application?

Submitting someone else’s work as your own will automatically disqualify you. 

If I get denied the first time, do I apply the following semester or should I wait a semester?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with a professor to go over your portfolio and see what changes or additions you need to make to increase your chances to get into the pathway/concentration.

Who will be reviewing the portfolios?

The faculty in each area will review the pathway/concentration applications. 

Is it okay if I go to faculty for advice about my pathway/concentration application and/or portfolio?

It is recommended that you seek feedback on your work throughout your time here as a student.  It is not appropriate to seek feedback on your portfolio from your professors during the 2 weeks prior to submission.

Pathway/Concentration Application Materials

If I have work that I have done for a previous Associate’s degree or a previous institution can I submit that as part of my portfolio?

Yes, you may submit coursework from UT Dallas or other institutions and/or work that you have done independently.

Are we allowed to submit letters of recommendation?

Because of the 2 week time frame to submit an application, letters of recommendation are not required or recommended.

If I used the video tutorials from class to create my work can I still submit it?

Yes, the faculty reviewing your application can tell what you contributed to the assignment.

I'm interested in Games, should I submit my traditional art/writing/code?

Yes, submit all the work you think will show your skills.

What is the best way to showcase my code/ working digital game/ analog game/ animation?

The responsibility lies with the student to make sure that all links, videos, etc. work for faculty review.  Since each faculty’s computer set-up may be different, it is best to assume that they cannot open working files (such as Unity, Maya, programming languages etc.).  Videos of how code works, how a game plays, etc. are better than relying on the faculty review committee having the correct software to open your working files.

Can I use the link to my eLearning portfolio?

Your eLearning portfolio is designed for internal reflection, and is not the best way to showcase your skills to external viewers.  For more information on creating a portfolio, please visit the ATEC IO Wiki.

Would it be beneficial to list any extracurricular activities that I am currently in?

Yes, there is a place for that on the application.  Definitely let the faculty know what you are up to outside of UTD.

Pathways/Concentrations and Application-based Courses

If I get into the pathway/concentration, do I need to apply for advanced courses?

If accepted into the pathway/concentration, most advanced courses will be available to you as long as you complete the prerequisite.  There will be some courses that will remain application-based for all students regardless of pathway, such as Animation Production Lab, Motion Capture Lab, Game Production Lab and some special topics courses.

If I submit my pathway/concentration application and I get denied can I still submit for second level courses?

Yes.  You will be notified of the faculty decision about your pathway/concentration application prior to the advanced-level applications deadline. 

Will it affect me if I complete the advanced courses and not get into a pathway/concentration?

No, but you will need to check with your advisor to see how the course will count towards your graduation requirements.

If you apply for a Games pathway/concentration and get in, do I still need to submit a course application to get into advanced animation courses?

Yes you do.

For the advanced level courses, when does that application go out?

Course applications will be emailed out after the decision for pathway/concentration applications have been made.  This will give you enough time to complete a course application if necessary.

If you are unsure about applying for the pathway/concentration, would it be best to apply for an advanced course instead?

Yes it would be better, you would get more experience.

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