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What is a Concentration? 

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication has one major: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC).  Within that one major, students can choose a concentration to determine the group of courses that they can take. Currently, there are four concentrations: 

  • Animation & Games
  • Critical Media Studies
  • Emerging Media Art

Each student who is accepted into the School of ATEC, will explore the foundations of ATEC through coursework in design, imaging, critical thinking, and more, as well as a curated selection of upper-level courses in one or more areas of ATEC. In addition to exploring all that ATEC has to offer, students in the ATEC General concentration can take advanced coursework in multiple fields of applied design, such as UX design, sound design, and digital video.  

To pursue a more specialized pathway/concentration in Animation & Games, Critical Media Studies, or Emerging Media Art, students will need to complete a Concentration Application.

Benefits of a Specialized Concentration

Students who apply and are accepted on the Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games Concentrations will:

  • Be given priority access to advanced courses in their field.  For example, Animation Concentration students will not need to apply for Animation 2, and will be able to enroll in that class as long as they have the prerequisite.
  • Have their Pathway/Concentration listed on their official transcript.

Next Steps 

If you are interested in applying for a concentration in Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games, 

  • Explore the UT Dallas catalog for course information and concentration degree requirements.  To access the catalog, click here.
  • Review the application information found on this wiki to prepare for your application process. 
  • Make an appointment with an Advising Peer Mentor for a student perspective on the concentrations, if you are unsure.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to plan future semesters and prepare for the application process.
  • Check this wiki on a regular basis for any updates to the application process.


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