Critical Media Studies Pathway/Concentration Application Checklist
Fall 2019- Closed


Unofficial transcript (Lastname_Firstname_transcript_Fa19.PDF)
Click on the following link for step by step process on how to download it, https://www.utdallas.edu/registrar/transcripts/unofficial/.


Work Sample (Lastname_Firstname_Sample_Fa19.PDF)

Select a sample of your work (creative or research-based) that demonstrates your analysis of, or response to, the technocultural contexts of a media object; for example, a paper, video remix, culture jamming project, blog, digital art, etc.



Paper (Lastname_Firstname_Paper_Fa19.PDF)

Choose one paper from those you wrote for Critical Media Research Foundations. Revise it and submit it with your application. If you have not taken this class, you may write a 300-500-word paper that analyzes the larger social, political, economic, or material concerns of a media object.



Your favorite meme or .gif (Lastname_Firstname_Fa19)



Coursework Requirement – Grade of “B” or better in one of the following:

ATCM 2300 – Introduction to Technoculture

ATCM 2320 – Critical Media Research Foundations

ATCM 2321/ 3395 – Reading Media Critically

ATCM 2322 – Media History


A link to any additional work that you would like to include for consideration


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