The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication offers equipment available for checkout to relevant Staff, Faculty, and only to students that are currently enrolled in ATCM classes. Certain equipment items and studios require additional authorization for use of access.


  • Equipment is checked out at the ATEC Support Center window located in room ATC 2.302, on a first come first served basis. 
  • Users must present their current Comet Card in order to check out equipment. Don't have your Comet Card? Click Here to find out how to get one.
  • Never exchange or lend equipment that is checked out under your name to others.
  • Equipment is checked out for specific durations. See the List of Items for more details. 
  • Users are responsible for making sure they have returned all the equipment parts and peripherals that are a part of the checkout. We will NOT accept returns if there are missing parts. See the Returns section for more information.
  • If you are not sure of equipment settings, or if the equipment appears to be malfunctioning, ask one of the Lab Techs for assistance. 
  • Renewals must be done in person. Go to the Renewals section for more information.
  • Strikes against a User's account will incur if items are returned late. Strikes result in equipment check out bans. See Late Equipment for details.
  • Reservations of equipment and studios can only be done by Staff and Faculty.
  • Conference keys that have been reserved through ATECreservation at utdallas.edu are checked out at the Support Center window located in room ATC 2.302.



  • Reservations requests are permissible to Staff and Faculty only.
  • Reservations take priority over walk-ins.
  • Staff and Faculty may appoint a proxy to pick up and/or return equipment on their behalf but only when Lab Techs are notified of the fact in advance. 
  • Equipment reservations are requested through e-mail to atec_tech at utdallas.edu. Please include the following in the e-mail:
    • Whom it is for.
    • What it is for, e.g. class, events, etc.
    • The equipment desired.
    • Date(s) needed.
    • Time(s) needed.
    • Proxies, if any.
  • Would you like to reserve a Laptop Cart? Click Here to find out how.
  • Need to reserve a Recording Studio? Click Here to find out how.
  • Technology Support does NOT manage room reservations. For more information go to https://www.utdallas.edu/atec/about/building/reservations/ or contact ATECreservation@utdallas.edu


  • During Spring and Fall general hours, equipment is always due at 11:45PM the same day or next day depending on the allowed checkout period of the item. 
  • Having another party return equipment instead of the original User is not advised as the individual who originally rented the equipment will be held accountable for any issues or missing parts.
  • Users are responsible for making sure they have returned all the equipment parts and peripherals that are a part of the checkout. We will not accept returns if there are missing parts.
    • If the equipment item(s) are not returned with all of the parts and peripherals before the due date, the item will be considered late. 
    • For every day that the item is due, a strike will be given.
    • Strikes are equal to a one day check out ban. 
    • One strike is given for each day that an item is late. See Late Equipment for examples.
  • All batteries should be returned fully charged upon return, if possible. 
  • Holiday Exceptions: If the building is not closed for the holiday, then the equipment will need to be returned as normal. If the building is closed for the holiday, the equipment will need to be returned the following operational day.



  • Equipment renewals are allowed but can only be granted if done in person. Users cannot call in or e-mail to renew equipment.
  • Lab Techs will survey the equipment under renewal to ensure everything is in working order.
  • Click Here for more information regarding Recording Booth renewals.
  • Lockers cannot be renewed. Click Here for more information.

Late Equipment

  • For every day an item is late a strike will be added to a User's account.
  • 1 strike is equal to a 1 day equipment checkout ban.
  • Strikes are cumulative and reset at the end of the semester in question.
  • If 10+ strikes are accumulated, students are prohibited from checking out equipment for the duration of the semester.
  • If equipment is not returned after an accumulation of 10+ strikes, an academic hold will be placed onto the student’s account. 

List of Items, Studios, Lockers, and Checkout Periods

Same Day Checkout Duration

  • Drawing Tablets
  • Headphones

One Day Check Out Duration

  • DSLR's
  • Camcorders
  • Tripods
  • Lav Mics
  • Wireless lav mics
  • Zoom Recorders

Recording Booths

  • Recording Booths are checked out on a one-hour basis to Users that have been granted access.
  • Comet Cards are kept in the Lab Tech office and are returned once the booth has been checked out.

When In the Booth

  • Before the Booth is due, call down to the Lab Tech office when ready for checkout or if an extension is desired. The Lab Tech number is located on the Booth desk.
  • A Lab Tech will grant the extension if there is not a high demand for Sound Booths.
  • When ready for checkout, and once the Lab Tech's have been notified of the fact, wait in the Booth for a Lab Tech to survey the equipment. They will return the Comet Card then.
  • There should never be more than 4 people in a booth.  
  • A maximum of 2 chairs are allowed at a time; do not pull additional chairs in.  
  • Equipment must be put back the way it was found and should never be taken out. Nothing should ever be unplugged from the desktop.
  • The acoustic shield and pop filter should never be dismantled. 
  • The booth should never be left unlocked or propped open. Contact the Lab Techs to be let back in. 
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the booths.
  • Sound should not be heard outside of the booths.

Lab Tech Office Phone: (972) 883-7515 

Recording Studios

  • There are 3 recording studios: Anechoic Chamber, Playback Studio, and the Recording Studio. 
  • Recording studios are only checked out to Users upon reservation by a Sound Professor.
  • Comet Cards are kept in the Lab Tech office and are returned once the Recording Studio is checked out. 



  • Lockers are rented out for the current term only. 
  • Lockers cannot be renewed. If the same locker is desired for the next semester, a new form must be filled out and a Lab Tech may grant the same locker as a courtesy. 
  • Users are responsible for emptying out all personal belongings from their locker before the end of the current term.
  • Do not share the assigned locker combination with anyone.  
  • Painting students in the following classes have priority access to reserve lockers on the 4th floor:
    ARTS 2316 - Painting Foundations
    ARTS 3369 - Intermediate Painting
    ARTS 4369 - Advanced Painting
    ARTS 4368 - Advanced Visual Arts

How to Apply for a Locker

  1. Click Here to download the ATEC Locker Application Form.pdf.
  2. Digitally fill out the ATEC Locker Application Form.pdf using Adobe Acrobat DC; all ATEC computer labs will have Adobe Acrobat DC. *Please note that you will sign the form in person when you come pick-up your locker information after it has been processed.
  3. Once you have filled out the form, click the print icon, then change the destination to Save as PDF, then click save.
  4. Send the completed form to atec_tech@utdallas.edu with "Locker Rental" in the subject line and a description explaining your desire to rent out a locker.
  5. The Lab Techs will send you a response email once your locker application has been processed.
  6. Once processed, proceed to the service counter in ATC 2.302 with your CometCard to pick up your locker information.


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