Non-Travel Reimbursement (Business Expense)

  1. Send an email to ATECSupport@utdallas.edu with the following information: 
    1. Attach ITEMIZED receipt in PDF format (must detail vendor, date, item(s) purchased, total amount, method of payment.  Do not highlight items on the receipts.  If you need reimbursement for only a few items on the receipt, please circle those items with pen or pencil.
    2. Cost Center you would like to use
    3. What was purchased
    4. Who attended, if applicable
      1. If a meal, number in attendance
      2. If 15 or under, please include a list of names and their affiliations
    5. Business Justification (Why) statementHow does the purchase benefit ATEC/UTD/your research?
  2. Your email will create a “ticket."  The ticket will be assigned to our Procurement Specialist for processing.
  3. The Procurement Specialist will update ticket/requestor when request is submitted to workflow.

Items Generally Not Reimbursed

  1. Alcohol (a few exceptions)
  2. Texas Sales Tax (for items.  Sales tax for meals will be reimbursed)
  3. Non-itemized or missing receipts
  4. Over reasonable limit, based on business meal purposes per meal per person (non-Travel Status)
  5. Over 20% gratuity
  6. Personal purchases
  7. Amazon purchases will not be reimbursed, due to Amazon purchases being restricted by university procurement.

Please provide explanation for exceptions to the above.


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