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Financial Reports Overview


In order to help Cost Center Owners manage their funds, Cost Center Statements are available 24/7 in Galaxy.  They will no longer be provided monthly in BOX folders.  These reports may contain more "accounting" information than is useful.  If you need help understanding what sections are important to you, please refer to the "Understanding Cost Center Statements" document (Click Here), or send a request to ATECSupport@utdallas.edu.  We'll be happy to help you navigate these reports.

You may access your statements anytime via the new FLUID Tiles in GALAXY.  Please download step-by-step instructions here

As you review the reports, please keep in mind that there may be expenses that have not yet posted to your cost center.  For example:

  • OneCard charges generally post several weeks after the actual charge date
  • Some approved upcoming travel expenses may not be reflected in your available budget yet
  • Paychecks for hourly worker wages & benefits lag behind the time period worked by about 2 weeks, and may not be reflected in your available budget yet

Please contact us at ATECSupport@utdallas.edu if you would like a list of current outstanding expenses in order to know your true available balance.


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