ATEC Structure

At UT Dallas, Deans are fundamentally responsible for their school’s fiscal and fund management and School Fiscal Officers (SFO) implement the Dean’s directives. With key staff, SFOs manage the overall administration of the school funds in regards to procurement, employment and accounting/fiscal functions.


Cost Centers and Cost Center Owner Responsibilities

Cost centers, identified by a unique 8-digit number, are set up to fund expenses. These cost centers are owned by an individual, such as Dean, Area Head, Faculty Member or Staff Team Leader.  Cost Center Owners approve all requests made to spend funds in their cost centers.  They are expected to review the expenses and any incoming revenue on a regular basis by reviewing Cost Center Statements as found in Galaxy.  See "Financial Reports" section for 24/7 access (Click here.)

In addition to the responsibilities above, if your cost center is on endowment funding, you will need to submit a year-end Donor Report, which is a summary of activities on how the endowment supported your research and/or scholarly acitivities.

Requests for Spending

Requests for spending, such as purchases or requests for employment of an hourly worker or Research Assistant (RA), should be made by sending an email to ATECSupport@utdallas.edu.  Please include the 8-digit cost center number to be used. See the "Purchasing" section for specific instructions (Click here.)


Letter of Representation (LOR)

The Letter of Representation (LOR) is an electronic certification signed after the close of each fiscal year. The Cost Center Owner's certification provides assurance to Executive Management at UT Dallas and UT System that all cost centers, and ultimately the financials of UT Dallas, are accurate and without material errors or known fraud.

The Cost Center Owner Certification (Cost Center Owner LOR) is available through the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Main Menu > General Ledger Custom > Year End Certification > Cost Center Owner Certification. The LOR PeopleSoft Guide for Cost Center Owners explains how to complete the LOR.


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