What is Game Lab?

Game Production Lab is a team-based class where students will create compelling experiences using increasingly complex, open-ended technology. Students will learn to work within a simulated, professional environment using relevant, quality tools and game engines. By the end of the course, students will have created an original, playable game experience of professional-level quality.

Who can enroll in Game Lab?

Anyone enrolled at any school at the University of Texas at Dallas! If you are interested in joining, you need a portfolio and to fill out the application.

If you would like to prepare for the application before it opens, usually closer to midterms, you can find that information here.

How do I join?

Students can apply to Game Production Lab as team members, where they will work within a professional pipeline to create a polished game. After applying (and if approved), you will be assigned to a role based on your skillsets and at the Instructor’s discretion. Please note that team spots are limited and not every applicant will be approved. Approval is based on the quality of submitted work and required team composition for the project that semester. We encourage everyone who wants to, to apply!


The official application link is apply.atecgamelab.com.


If you would like to be prepared for your application, a PDF detailing the information required is located here.


An email will be sent out to all ATEC students when applications are open, usually around midterms. If you are interested in the application dates and are not a current ATEC student, please contact ATECadvising@utdallas.edu.

Where can I see previous projects from Game Production Lab?

Some of the previous projects, and information about them, are hosted on the ATEC Animation and Games website: https://atec-animgames.com/game-lab

How can I play the games?

Due to CoviD-19, we are currently investigating possible solutions to allow for playtesting. However, in a normal term:

You can officially play each of the current Game Production Lab games during three designated times of the year. Please check the calendar above for the dates and times of Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidates.

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