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Games Pathway/Concentration Application Checklist
Fall 2019- Closed


Unofficial transcript (Lastname_Firstname_transcript_Fa19.PDF)
Click on the following link for step by step process on how to download it, https://www.utdallas.edu/registrar/transcripts/unofficial/.


Essay + Critique (Lastname_Firstname_EssayAnalysis_Fa19.PDF)

Write a brief essay and critique, submitted as a single document.


1. Essay

In 200-300 words, explain why you are motivated to enter the profession of games. Writing should be clear and grammatically correct, as well as informative.


2. Game Analysis

Write a short paper (300-500 words) analyzing a digital or analog game. Focus your analysis on either: 1. the historical and cultural implicationsof the game's design and/or reception; or 2. how specific game mechanics and design choices contribute to the play experience.



2D/3D Portfolio (submitted as a link)

Submit a link to work that illustrates your current visual artwork quality or technical proficiency (coding/scripting).  Work can come from any of your course work or work that you have done on your own.  You may include your best work from Computer Imaging, Design I, CS I or II and any other art, animation, game, or programming courses that you have taken at UTD or at other schools.  Please present your materials in an easily accessible format (Wix.com, artstation.com, for example).  Executable files (.exe) or .zip files will not be downloaded for review.


A link to any additional work that you would like to include for consideration.


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