Hourly Hiring Process

All hourly student worker positions must be posted by ATEC's Employment Specialist via Handshake. Hiring managers should open a ticket on ATECSupport and provide the following details:

  • Job Title
  • Number of openings
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Is this a Work Study job or open to all?
  • Job description and qualifications
  • Hours per week
  • Hourly Rate
  • Cost Center for payroll
  • Job Function. For example, research, administration, customer support
  • Number of openings
  • List all required documents to be attached or provided. Resume, cover letter, transcript, portfolio, other documents
  • Open to Freshman through graduate students?
  • Minimum GPA
  • Open to all majors
  • Who will receive/review the applications?
  • Supervisor and timesheet approver
  • Would you like a summary of all applicants once the job closes, or, email every time a new student applies?
  • Start posting date and End posting date

The posting: Posting the positon will generate a Job Id which should be used on all correspondence.

Postings must remain open for a minimum of five business days, or until 50 applicants have applied. Hiring managers are listed as the contact for postings, and will be responsible for scheduling and conducting interviews.


Once a candidate has been selected, update the ticket with the student hame and Net Id. The ATEC Employment Specialist will request a background check and provide detailed instructions to the student.  After the background check clears, the Career Center will send an Offer Letter and onboarding instructions.The student is eligible to start working after they visit the Career Center and sign their I-9.The administrative process following the offer can take 10 business days. ATEC HR will keep the student informed by email.


The payroll deparmtent will create a timesheet and ATECHR will assign the timesheet approver. If the approver is employed in another department,  payroll will need to assign the timesheet approver.


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