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In order to familiarize yourself with FY21 expenses before beginning this Certification (LoR) process,

please refer to instructional guides in ATEC.io Financial Reports (CLICK HERE)


Cost Center Owner Certification (LoR) STEP‐BY‐STEP INSTRUCTIONS 

CLICK HERE to download a PDF with examples


QUESTIONS at any step in this process?  Would you like to have a TEAMS video chat to walk you through this process?  Please contact ATECSupport@utdallas.edu.  We’re here to help!


  • Log into GALAXY from the utdallas.edu homepage
  • Click on Gemini
  • Be sure the Drop Down is Gemini for Departments; Click on the Financial Compliance Tile
  • Click on Letters of Representation drop down and then CostCenter Owner Certification
  • Verify the desired Fiscal Year (2021) is in “Fiscal Year Equals” box and click Search.
  • You should see:
  • Your name next to "Certifying For:"
  • A list of the Cost Centers that you need to certify, showing all have been reconciled
  • A comment section - if no comments needed, please indicate "None" (Save Comments)
  • Go To Certification Page - Click when ready
  • Verify the Fiscal Year (2021) and your name as Certifying for.  Read the entire document.
  • You only need to certify one time.  This certification is for all your cost centers.  When you are ready to certify to the Executive Management at UT Dallas and UT System that all your cost centers are accurate and without material errors or known fraud, Check the box next to the “Certified by:” and Click Save Certification.  You will see your NetID and Date/Time populate to show your certification is complete.
  • Congratulations!  You have completed your LoR for fiscal year 2021.  No further action needed; Completed LoRs are reported to us via PeopleSoft.


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