How to Request a Purchase

Please email ATECSupport at utdallas.edu to request a purchase and include:

  • Item and quantity to be purchased.  If more than three items, list the items on a spreadsheet and attach it to your email.  Include web links to the items, or supplier name and item numbers to ensure the correct items are ordered.
  • For each vendor you want to use, submit a new email.  One email equals 1 order for 1 vendor  (one order can contain many items from 1 vendor).
  • Date items needed (must be at least 3 weeks after date of request).
  • Cost Center number and Cost Center Owner's approval if it's not yours.
  • Detailed Business Justification Statement:  How does the purchase benefit ATEC/UTD/your research?  Only one needed per purchase request/email.

Useful Purchase Request Information

Software and Cloud computing service: per state law, must be approved by UT Dallas Purchasing, ISO, and OIT before it can be purchased.

Airgas:  Cuevas Distribution is the approved vendor, and they fulfill the order using Airgas.

​​​Alcohol:  Requires prior approval and the right type of available funding.

Amazon:  The items allowed for purchase are limited. 

Business Cards:  Send an email to your supervisor asking for approval.  Once you have the approval, forward the email to ATECSupport at utdallas.edu to request business cards.  We will send you the business card templates that are available and will ask how you want your name to read on the cards. When the cards are ready, you will receive an email from the Copy Center letting you know they are ready to pick up. The final step is to send a scan of the document from the Copy Center with the price for the order to us.

Contracts:  Only a few employees at UTD are authorized to sign contracts.  If you have a contract that needs a signature, send it to ATECSupport at utdallas.edu, and we will get it to the right department at UTD for review.

OneCard:  The types of purchases allowed on university credit cards (OneCards) are limited.

Purchase Related to Remote Work:  Requires prior approval.

Vendors Who Require Deposits:  UTD does not allow us to use vendors that require deposits.

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