1. Hit the Windows button and start typing “rr”

  • You will see rrControl. Go ahead and click on that to open up the control panel for the render farm.




2. The rrControl page will allow you to see the status of your render, abort your render, and delete old jobs



3. In the lower right section of  rrControl, there are several tabs.

  • The top section will contain your job information for the running/completed job such as user information, scene info how many frames, etc. There are two buttons to be aware of here. Abort and Delete. If you want to stop a job before or during processing, click the Abort button and it will “kill” the job. The Delete button can be used to clean up your jobs tab. select and delete old jobs, completed or errored out.
  • The lower left side is your Render Node information. Green means the render nodes are available, orange means that node is processing a job.
  • On the lower right, under the Job Info tab, you will have 3 preview frames. This will allow you to quickly see how your renders will look without having to wait for the entire thing to finish. This is great for checking to see if you forgot to light link certain objects, notice an object is floating, etc. Job Settings tab shows you all the settings that were submitted for the job selected and Job Log is where you go to review render errors or reasons for failed frames.





4. If your render job has completed, navigate back to your project directory on the “Infinity” drive.

Inside your images folder, your renders should be.

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