ATEC Staff and Faculty are the only individuals authorized to reserve the Laptop Cart.


To reserve the Laptop Cart, please submit a request to  atec_tech@utdallas.edu. In your request, please include: 

  • What it's for, e.g. class use, event use, etc. 
  • Date(s) needed 
  • Drop off and pick-up times 
    • If checking out the cart for multiple sections of a class on one day, please supply the start and end times for each class. 
  • Room number 


The Lab Techs will verify and notify if any conflicts of interest exist and schedule the reservation, if applicable.


Next Steps If Reserved

On the day of the reservation, a Lab Tech will drop off and unlock the Laptop Cart 5 minutes before the start of class. 

An inventory form will be provided to keep track of each laptop that is checked-out. At the end of class, please be sure to check-in each laptop on the form and provide a signature as verification.

Once inventory has been taken and signed off, please lock the cart. A Lab Tech will come at the end of class to pick up the cart.  If the class ends before the scheduled time, please contact the Lab Techs at (972) 883-7515 for an early pick-up.

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