There are two options for mail – USPS and eShip

International mail must be sent via eShip

To send mail by USPS, please send an email to ATECSupport at utdallas.edu with the following information:

  1. Name and address of recipient
  2. Business purpose for mail
  3. Cost center number

Once the request is received, the Business Administration team will work with you to prepare the envelope(s) for mailing.



eShip - Service Used for all International Mail, Priority Mail, and all packages

To send mail and packages through eShip, send an email to ATECSupport at utdallas.edu with the below information.  Your request must be received by no later than 1:00 pm the day you need the overnight letter/package shipped.

Once the request is received, please bring the overnight mail / packages to the Service Center in ATC 2.302.  Add a note in your ticket/request for Charlotte Mason letting her know you delivered the overnight mail / packages to ATC 2.302.

  1. Recipient name
  2. Recipient address
  3. Company name for recipient (if applicable)
  4. Recipient phone number (required)
  5. Recipient email (optional)
  6. Number of packages
  7. If packages are in non-FedEx packaging, include the following information:  Length, width, and depth of each package and the weight of each package.
  8. Cost Center number
  9. Business purpose of shipment
  10. When do you need it to arrive to the recipient? 
    •  Priority overnight (normally delivered by 10:30 am the next business day)
    •  Standard overnight (normally delivered by 4:30 the next business day)
    •  Two-day and 3-day delivery is available, depending on the carrier.

The request will be updated with information once the items are sent. When the package/priority mail has been delivered to the recipient, the ticket will be updated with the information.

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