Students may graduate with Major Honors from their individual school based on participation in their school’s Honors Program as applicable. Each school’s Honors Program may provide two levels of recognition, Honors and Distinction. All students must have completed a minimum of 30 graded semester credit hours to apply for Major Honors.  For more information on Major Honors in the UT Dallas catalog, click here.


The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) Honors Program offers eligible students the opportunity for advanced creative and scholarly work and recognition within the School. The eligibility requirements for students to pursue Major Honors in ATEC are as follows:

  • UT Dallas Cumulative GPA of at least a 3.5 
  • Major GPA of at least 3.75

Major Honors Requirements

To be considered for School of ATEC Major Honors, students must complete the following during their last long semester (Fall/Spring) in ATEC: 

  • Honors Capstone project 
    • Discuss Capstone project idea with potential faculty supervisor 1 to 2 semesters before graduation.
      • Students are strongly encouraged to take an Independent Study with their potential faculty supervisor prior to their Capstone semester in order to further develop their Capstone project idea
    • Submit Capstone Proposal by the posted deadline in the semester before Capstone enrollment. Student should indicate interest in pursuing Major Honors within the proposal, if they meet the GPA eligibility requirements. Faculty review will determine whether student is accepted to pursue Major Honors. If accepted, student will be assigned a faculty supervisor for their Honors Capstone Project.
    • Student will consult with assigned faculty supervisor to determine appropriate second reader if not already assigned through faculty review.
  • Supplementary paper (5-page minimum) 
    • Topic of paper will be determined with assistance by the student's Honors Capstone Faculty Supervisor.
  • Presentation at Capstone Celebration

Registering for Honors Capstone (ATCM 4399)

  • Consult with academic advisor prior to completing Capstone Proposal to discuss Major Honors eligibility.
  • Submit Capstone Proposal by the posted deadline. Student should indicate interest in pursuing Major Honors when asked in the proposal. If student does not receive the question about interest in pursuing Major Honors, this means they do not meet the GPA eligibility requirements.
  • If accepted by faculty for Major Honors, the student will receive a Major Honors Capstone Application from the Capstone Coordinator at the time they are notified of their Capstone Assignment.
  • Consult with a faculty supervisor to determine appropriate second reader, if not already assigned through faculty review.
  • Obtain signature from the second reader, if not already assigned through faculty review.
  • Return completed form to Capstone Coordinator via email. The capstone Coordinator will enroll the student in ATCM 4399 and send the completed form and enrollment confirmation to the student, faculty supervisor, and second reader.

Submission and Evaluation of Honors Capstone

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the final examination period dates. All Honors Capstone projects must have a title, and all written work must include formal citations.

Once the Honors Capstone and paper have been submitted, the awarding of Major Honors will be up to the discretion of the faculty supervisor and second reader. If the faculty supervisor and/or second reader determine the project is below the quality necessary for Major Honors but merits a passing grade, the student will receive that grade and fulfill the Capstone degree requirement but will not receive Major Honors.

If a Major Honors student is awarded the Best Capstone Award at Capstone Celebration, they are eligible to receive Major Honors with Distinction.

Students who earn ATEC Major Honors will have the honor noted on their transcript and diploma upon graduation.

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