Meal Allowances and Expenses

The University of Texas at Dallas uses the GSA.gov website to determine meal allowance amounts.  These rates vary from state to state and country.  We will provide the meal allowance amount on the Travel Authorization Form.

  • We reimbuse the per diem rate for meals. No receipts needed. It does not include alcohol unless pre-approved.
  • It is recommended that travelers pay for their own meal when dining with others.

Ground Transportation

Taxi - Uber- Lyft - Shuttle

  • Uber or Lyft are preferred methods for ground transportation.  Both companies provide email receipts which are required if requesting reimbursement.
  • When using a shuttle or taxi, clear, itemized receipts are required.


Rental Cars

Rental cars may be reserved through Concur.

  • Request rental car on the Travel Authorization Form.
  • Only standard/mid-sized rental cars will be allowed.
  • The expense for the vehicle rental may be paid directly by ATEC or by the traveler.  
    • For direct bill, please select Enterprise or National. 
      • Be prepared to pay at the counter when booking from Budget, Hertz or Avis.
  • Mileage is not reimbursable for rental cars.
  • Gasoline is reimbursable unless charged by the rental company for final refueling.


Personal Vehicles

Although discouraged, personal vehicles can be used to drive to a business travel destination with prior approval on the Travel Authorization form.



  • Mileage is reimbursable at the current UTD standard reimbursement rate, and varies over time.  Please request the current rate.
    • Mileage to/from is calculated using UTD as the point of origin and using the most efficient route available.
  • Local trips (within 3 hours of UTD): Employees may claim fuel or mileage (whichever is less), not both. 
  • Long distance travel (3 hours or more from UTD): Anyone wishing to drive a personal vehicle long distance when a flight is feasible is required to provide a cost comparison showing the difference between flight cost and mileage via Google maps from Address A to Address B.
    • Reimbursement is calculated using the lowest airfare possible in Concur, regardless of connections or flight times.
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