Welcome to UTD and ATEC, new transfer students!


Please note that the university is closed from December 20th until January 6th. The ATEC Undergraduate Advising Office will be closed for winter break starting Thursday, December 19th at noon. There are still a few tasks, however, that you can be completed your own while the university is closed for winter break! New transfer students who were unable to attend Orientation can access the relevant information through alternative methods, so see below for the steps you’ll need to complete in order to register for Spring 2020 at UTD:


  • Once you have been admitted, you’ll need to complete the online modules in lieu of the UTD-wide Transfer Orientation. These modules are available through your Orion Student Center, and they will be provided through eLearning. Please note that though you may complete the module(s) prior to January 6th, the Transfer Orientation team will not be able to release your hold until they return.
  • For the ATEC-specific part of Transfer Orientation, we have created a quiz that contains the documents discussed at Orientation, and then checks your understanding of the information presented. The link is here: https://utdallas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_em5nkTtv3hIxhaZ. Once you complete the quiz with 100%, we will receive an email letting us know that we can now release your hold. Please note that though you may complete the quiz prior to January 6th, the ATEC Undergraduate Advisors will not be able to release your hold until we return.
  • Use Schedule Planner to start putting together schedule options, using the information provided through the quiz above. Be sure to put together a few different schedules, in case one of your chosen courses fills up before the university re-opens.
  • Accept your Financial Aid, if applicable.
  • Choose your tuition plan.


You will receive an email once we return and have processed your Transfer Orientation Alternative quiz. If you have a TSI Hold, it will be processed at the same time. If you have additional holds, such as holds for the meningitis vaccine or application fee, please resolve them as quickly as possible with the appropriate office (advisors can only assist with academic-related holds).


ATEC classes fill up early, so your class options may be somewhat limited at this point. We will do what we can to assist you in finding relevant classes that will move you towards graduation, but you may need to be flexible due to the timing of your enrollment. Please check your UTD email regularly starting January 6th, so that you can enroll as soon as possible once we remove your Cannot Register Online hold.


We look forward to meeting you in the spring!



Your ATEC Undergraduate Advisors
School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
The University of Texas at Dallas


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