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What is a Pathway/Concentration? 

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication has one major: Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC).  Within that one major, students can choose a pathway/concentration to determine the group of courses that they can take. Currently, there are four pathways/concentrations: 

  • Animation 
  • Critical Media Studies
  • Design and Production
  • Games

Each student who is accepted into the School of ATEC, will explore the foundations of ATEC through coursework in design, imaging, critical thinking, and more, as well as a curated selection of upper-level courses in one or more areas of ATEC. In addition to exploring all that ATEC has to offer, students on the Design and Production pathway/concentration can take advanced coursework in multiple fields of applied design, such as UX design, sound design, and digital video.  

To pursue a more specialized pathway/concentration in Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games, students will need to complete a Pathway/Concentration Application.

Benefits of a Specialized Pathway/Concentration

Students who apply and are accepted on the Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games Pathways/Concentrations will:

  • Be given priority access to advanced courses in their field.  For example, Animation Pathway/Concentration students will not need to apply for Animation 2, and will be able to enroll in that class as long as they have the prerequisite.
  • Have their Pathway/Concentration listed on their official transcript.

Next Steps 

If you are interested in applying for a pathway/concentration in Animation, Critical Media Studies, or Games, 

  • Explore the UT Dallas catalog for course information and pathway/concentration degree requirements.  To access the catalog, click here.
  • Review the application information found on this wiki to prepare for your application process. 
  • Make an appointment with an Advising Peer Mentor for a student perspective on the pathways/concentrations, if you are unsure.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to plan future semesters and prepare for the application process.
  • Check this wiki on a regular basis for any updates to the application process.


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