To Request a Purchase

  1. Send an email to ATECSupport@utdallas.edu. Please include the information listed below.  This email will create a ticket.  One email equals one order for one vendor  (one order can contain many items form the 1 vendor)
    1. Item and quantity to be purchased
      1. If you need more than three items, place the items on a separate Excel spreadsheet or Word document and attach to your email.  Include links, if possible.
    2. Delivery timeframe, if needed
    3. Cost Center you would like to use, if applicable
    4. Detailed Business Justification statementHow does the purchase benefit ATEC/UTD/your research?
      1. If requesting an order containing many items, a business justification is only needed for the whole order, not for each item.
  2. Once email is submitted, additional items cannot be added.  If you need additional items, please create a new email and send to ATECSupport@utdallas.edu
  3. NOTE: Vendors not allowed to be used - Olive Oil's, and any vendor that requires a deposit. 
  4. Amazon purchases are restricted to books only.  If you want to submit an order for Amazon, you must include extra business justification with your request.  The Procurement Specialist will send your request to Procurement to see if they approve ordering through Amazon.

Order Completion

  1. The Procurement Specialist (PS) will retrieve the ticket for completion of purchase.
  2. Procurement Specialist updates ticket:
    1. when order has been submitted to workflow.
    2. when order is approved and has been sent to the vendor.
    3. when the order is ready for requestor to pick up.

Business Cards

Ordering business cards:  send an email to your supervisor asking for approval.  Once you have the approval. forward the email to ATECSupport at utdallas.edu to request business cards.  The Procurement Specialist will ask you a few questions before processing your order.  The email/ticket will be updated for every step of the order until you receive your cards.


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