Registration & Enrollment Appointments

The Spring 2022 course schedules will be released on Monday, October 18th. Once the course schedule goes live, you will be able to view your Enrollment Appointment for Spring 2022 on your Orion Student Center in Galaxy. If you do not know how to locate your Enrollment Appointment, visit the Peer Mentor Live chat in Ask ATEC for assistance.  

*Please note your enrollment appointment is not a literal appointment. Students are not required to report to a specific place at the time of the appointment to register. Instead, the enrollment appointment specifies when the student can begin registering for the upcoming semester by logging into the Orion Student Center.   We recommend removing holds on your account prior to the course schedule going live.  Some holds may prevent your registration. 

Many ATEC classes fill quickly, so we encourage you to enroll as close to your enrollment date/time as possible.

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