To make a connection to the VPN and remotely access a Windows machine, you will need to utilize Duo Two-Factor authentication, NetIDplus. 

If you are not already enrolled in NetIDplus, please follow the guide on the OIT Help Page: https://utdallas.edu/oit/howto/netidplus/

Install and connect to the UT Dallas VPN

Please see the guides linked below for instructions on how to install and connect.

How to View Remote Accessible Windows Machines 

  • Once connected to the VPN, please click here to view available lab equipment
  • Click on the lab you wish to use equipment from 
  • You will be redirected to a map of the equipment in the lab. Click on a Windows Icon to get the computer name which you will need in order to connect to the machine. 
    • Green > the computer is available for use 
    • Red > the computer is currently being used 
    • Blue > the computer is turned off, will be available the next day 
    • Gray > the computer is out of service

How to Remotely Access a Windows Machine 

Windows Devices on the UT Dallas domain can be accessed from another computer using Remote Desktop. Prerequisites for connecting via Remote Desktop: 

  • If off-campus, you must first be connected to the VPN
  • You must know the computer’s name (also called “hostname”)
  • The computer must be online 
  • You must have authorization to log in remotely

For Windows 10

  • Click Start 
  • Search for Remote Desktop Connection 
  • In the Remote Desktop Connection panel, enter the full name of the computer 
    • Example: atec987654.campus.ad.utdallas.edu 
  • Expand Show Options 
    • Enter your username as campus\yourNetID 
  • Click Connect and then enter your Password when prompted. 


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