Help Request

If technical difficulties are encountered with software, hardware, and/or you would like to install approved software or request peripheral installations, please submit a request to atec_tech@utdallas.edu. When sending a request, be sure to include: 

  • Office or room number.
  • A detailed description of the request or issue. 
  • Available dates and times for the Lab Techs to perform the request.
  • The asset number for the device in question, if applicable.

If a request is to be performed while out of office, please be sure to log out of all devices as applicable. Please be aware, however, that some fixes may require the presence of the requester.


If software or hardware technical difficulties are encountered with a teaching station, projector, and/or classroom audio equipment please contact Media Services by pressing the red "Help" button on the teaching station console.


Phone: 972-832-4900

E-mail: media@utdallas.edu





You may also call the Lab Techs at (972) 883-7515 for immediate assistance, though support may be limited depending on the location of the podium.


General Troubleshooting

  • Have you tried restarting your device?
  • Have you logged out and logged back in?
  • Is there enough free storage space on your device?


Request Software or Hardware

Please email atecsupport@utdallas.edu with appropriate product links and descriptions to the software or hardware desired, a business justification, and the cost center / funding source. All purchases will go through an approval process to verify functionality and support, funding, and appropriate business application. 



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