Topics Course Guide: Summer and Fall 2022


Instructions for Requesting Registration via Email

Please send all registration requests from your UT Dallas email to ATECadvising@utdallas.edu. If you email your advisor directly, please know that your request may not be processed in a timely fashion, due to peak registration. To ensure your request receives priority based on the time you send it, address your request to ATECadvising@utdallas.edu.

Be sure to include "Registration" in the subject line.  In the body of the email, please include all of the following information about each course you wish to register for:

  • NetID
  • 5-digit class number
  • Course prefix (ex: ATCM)
  • Course number (ex: 2305)
  • Section number (ex: .001)
  • Semester (Summer/Fall/Spring)
  • A joke or meme, to make the advisor smile. (PG rating)

Be sure to follow-up with your advisor directly if you have questions about your specific schedule or degree plan. Please note that for courses requiring an application, your request will only be processed if you applied and were accepted into the course.


Summer 2022


ATCM 4319.001 Topics in Animation: 2D Animation Lab

Professor: Todd Fechter & Sean McComber

Prerequisite: None, email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


ATCM 4334.001 Topics in Critical Media Studies: The Netflix Wars

This course will discuss the international growth of Netflix over the past ten years, from its initial expansion into Canada and Brazil in 2011 to its current offerings in 190 countries. We'll look at technological developments in the platform and trends in original programming across different countries. Course content will consist of reading recent business and cultural analyses of the platform and watching some Netflix original series.

Professor: Dr. Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Prerequisite: None, email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


ATCM 4364 Topics in Design & Production: Digital Painting

In this course, you will make artwork engaging with the discourse of painting using an expansive, digitally informed approach. The goal is to begin to develop a personal visual vocabulary using the tools of contemporary digital painting practices.

Professor: Elizabeth Trosper

Prerequisite: None, email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


Fall 2022


ATCM 4319.001 Topics in Animation: Experimental Animation

The Experimental Animation course is for students who already know how to animate, are passionate about alternative processes, and would like to experiment with different  techniques of animation. This is a hands-on practical course with limited seats.

Professor: Christine Veras

Prerequisite: B or higher in ATCM 3305 Computer Animation or ATCM 4311 Experimental Lab AND email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


ATCM 4319.002 Topics in Animation: Collaborative Modeling

This course explores collaborative design through 3D modeling. Students will engage in the creation of unique 3D scenes and illustrations through teamwork. Topics will include preproduction and organization, pipeline procedures, and methods for ensuring unity across a collective project.

Professor: Liz Boyd

Prerequisite: B or higher in ATCM 3306 Modeling & Texturing I AND email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


ATCM 4319.003 Topics in Animation: History of Audio in Media

Description coming soon!

Professor: David Marks

Prerequisite: None, email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.


ATCM 4319.004 Topics in Animation: Studio Techniques I

Recording Studio Techniques I & II introduces students to the concepts of recording instruments and vocals in a state of the art digital recording studio. Students will learn techniques for recording various instruments used in popular music. Topics covered include studio signal flow, microphone selection and placement, use of outboard and software- based effects processors, overdubbing, creating composite audio tracks, mixing, gain staging, audio processors, and basic file and session management. Students are expected to spend additional time in the studio and/or music technology lab working on assigned projects. 

Professor: Hal Fitzgerald

Prerequisite: Instructor Consent


ATCM 4379: Topics in Games: Virtual Reality

Professor: TBA

Prerequisite: Completion of ATCM 2310 Animation & Game Fundamentals AND email ATECadvising@utdallas.edu for registration.



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