Topics Course Guide
Spring 2022

All topics courses either require an application or will require you to request registration via the
ATEC Undergraduate Advising Office.


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ATCM 4319.001 Topics in Animation: Real-Time Texturing

The class covers procedural texturing using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. It focuses on creating textures that can be used in both games and animations.

Professor: Casey Johnson

Prerequisite: ATCM 2310 Animation & Game Fundamentals (or ATCM 2305 Computer Animation Processes or ATCM 2365 Game Design Fundamentals)

ATCM 4319.002 Topics in Animation: Visual Development Lab

This course introduces students to the process of creating a beginner level puppet-based 2D character animation. Topics include story reel creation, background layout and design, basic character design principles, and animation and rigging basics in Toon Boom Harmony. Students will create a 10-15 second animation vignette from beginning to end. *This course will NOT make use of traditional hand-drawn 2D animation.

Professor: Todd Fechter

Prerequisite: ATCM 2310 Animation & Game Fundamentals (or ATCM 2305 Computer Animation Processes or ATCM 2365 Game Design Fundamentals)

ATCM 4319.003 Topics in Animation: Collaborative Modeling

This course explores collaborative design through 3D modeling. Students will engage in the creation of unique 3D scenes and illustrations through teamwork. Topics will include preproduction and organization, pipeline procedures, and methods for ensuring unity across a collective project.

Professor: Liz Boyd

Prerequisite: ATCM 3306 Modeling & Texturing I (B or higher) and application.

ATCM 4334.HN1 Topics in CMS: Games & Social Justice (CV Honors)

This course investigates how games are always deeply political—both as artifacts of as well as interventions in existing socioeconomic and cultural systems of uneven power, violence, oppression, care, support, and justice. Students will critically explore the political stakes of representation, participation, and worldmaking through game design, game playing, and gaming cultures.

Professor: Josef Nguyen

Prerequisite: This class is reserved for Collegium V Honors students. For registration information, contact collegiumV@utdallas.edu.

ATCM 4364 Topics in Design: LightSquad Studio

Continuation LightSquad Project :
During the academic year 2021/2022, the ATEC LightSquad will complete two signature projects under Associate Professor Andrew F. Scott's direction. Both employ enhanced teaching methodologies and techniques rooted in project-based engagements of emerging media art that yield important cultural artifacts. Both projects provide direct benefits to the professional development of students. Part II of the project will center PRODUCTION methodologies needed to bring the project to life and present them to the public.

Professor: Andrew Scott

Prerequisite: Preference in enrollment is given to LIGHTSQUAD members and students who have worked with Professor Scott. Contact Professor Scott at andrew.scott1@utdallas.edu for more information and approval for enrollment.


Instructions for Requesting Registration via Email

Please send all registration requests from your UT Dallas email to ATECadvising@utdallas.edu. If you email your advisor directly, please know that your request may not be processed in a timely fashion, due to peak registration. To ensure your request receives priority based on the time you send it, address your request to ATECadvising@utdallas.edu.


Be sure to include "Registration" in the subject line.  In the body of the email, please include all of the following information about each course you wish to register for:

  • 5-digit class number
  • Course prefix (ex: ATCM)
  • Course number (ex: 2305)
  • Section number (ex: .001)


Be sure to follow-up with your advisor directly if you have questions about your specific schedule or degree plan. Please note that for courses requiring an application, your request will only be processed if you applied and were accepted into the course.


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