This is step #2.

If you have not prepared your maya file, please refer to this page:

Preparing your Maya files for Farm Submission


1. Navigate to \\infinity.utdallas.edu




2. Inside of atec, navigate to your class folder (It will be labeled as: atecclass_number.section.semester)




3. Inside that folder,  there will be individual folders for each student in the class, labeled with their Net ID.




4. Upload your project folder into YOUR folder (your NetID folder)

5. Go into your project folder (which is INSIDE your netID folder now) and open the “scenes” folder and select the file you would like to render.



6. All render testing should have been DONE before you get to this part. If you do testing here, you will disrupt the network and your tests will take forever. Test on your Desktop, not here.

  • Double Check Render Settings to make sure they are accurate
  • Set your Project (point to project folder, INSIDE your NetID folder)
  • SAVE your file

7. Launch Royal Render from the top Menu Bar in Maya . “submit Scene”




8. Once you hit Submit scene, the Royal Render “rrSubmitter” will open. This is your control panel for submitting jobs. This page has a lot of settings to play around with, but until you are familiar with them all, leave everything at defualt. If you would like more information on what certain things do, check out Royal Renders support page.



Once you have opened rrSubmitter, make sure the following sections are set:

  • Under Scene Settings tab -> Scene File Name at the top is correct
  • Scene Database is assignment to the Infinity drive (not point to your C:\Users dir)
  • Lower Left Software should be Maya, Renderer Arnold, Version 2017.8


If this is all correct, you are ready to hit “Submit Job”




12. Once you submit, you will be prompted to either close rrSubmitter or keep it open. This does not affect the render. Keeping rrSubmitter open really only allows you to go back and easily look at what settings you used for your render, but this can still be done another way.




Congrats, your Job has been sent to the farm!

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