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The ATEC Undergraduate Advising Team is available to meet for in-person and/or virtual appointments from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Appointment availability will vary across advisors.

For immediate assistance, always email ATECadvising at utdallas.edu or through our Ask ATEC Teams channel.  

Search “Ask ATEC” on Microsoft Teams and use the password 87zcsic, https://bit.ly/join-ask-atec


Meet the Undergraduate Advisors 

ATEC Undergraduate Advisors guide current UTD students through the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. In addition, advisors help students understand the different ATEC concentrations and courses within the degree in relation to their personal and academic goals. Each student has a tailored experience to ensure that each student is assigned to an advisor based on their last name. This allows each advisor to cultivate a lasting relationship with their advisees and provide relevant information to the student's experience. ATEC academic advising is a collaborative process and requires active participation by both the student and the advisor. Ultimately, the student is responsible for their own educational experience.

Alejandra Gutiérrez

Director of UG Advising 
Last names I-Mi
Schedule Appointment: http://bit.ly/ScheduleATECAlex

Courtney Milavec

Undergraduate Advisor
Last names A-C
Schedule Appointment: http://bit.ly/scheduleATEC_Courtney

Last names D-H

Email: ATECadvising@utdallas.edu


Kelley Henderson

Undergraduate Advisor
Last names Mo-R


Jazzmyn Roberts

Undergraduate Advisor
Last names S-Z

Meet the Advising Peer Mentors

Advising Peer Mentors are current ATEC students who have been trained to assist current and prospective students in navigating the ATEC concentrations. As Advising Peer Mentors, they assist with schedule planning and registration, demonstrate advising technology, discuss the program with prospective students, and develop and implement programming for their peers. Additionally, they oversee our front desk, answering the phone and email, checking in students for appointments, and assisting with paperwork.

*You can contact ATEC Peer Mentors by emailing ATECadvising@utdallas.edu, by posting on the AskATEC Team or visiting the Welcome Center, ATC 1.701.

Vy Lam

ATEC / Animation & Games Concentration
Focus in Technical Art
Year: Junior

Luke Laughlin

ATEC / Animation Concentration
Focus in Environment Art and Management
Year: Senior

Bella Mays

ATEC / Animation & Games Concentration
Focus in Game Narrative
Year: Senior

Daemion Mckellar

ATEC / Design & Production
Focus in Design & Creative Writing
Year: Senior

Hope Sherman

ATEC / Design & Production
Focus in Special Effects (SFX) and Music Composition
Year: Senior

Christina Wang
ATEC / Design & Production
Focus in Project Management & Visual Development
Year: Junior

Claire Wilcox

ATEC / Animation Concentration
Focus in Production and Design
Year: Senior

Annie Wu

ATEC / Animation Concentration
Focus in Lighting & Composition with a background in Paint and Production
Year: Senior

Undergraduate Advising Office Information

Office: ATC 1.701

Email: ATECadvising@utdallas.edu

Phone: (972) 883-7528

Office Hours

Summer Hours: M-F: 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM

Regular Semester Hours: M-F: 8AM-12PM, 1PM-5PM

These hours are subject to change in accordance with the University’s calendar. If the office is closed for campus events (e.g. orientation, graduation, etc.), a sign will be posted on the Advising Office door.

Advisor Appointment Hours

Advisors meet with students by appointment only. Appointment availability will vary across advisors, see below for their Bookings page.

Peer Mentor Live Chat and Walk-ins 

Peer Mentors are available for schedule-planning assistance via email at ATECadvising@utdallas.edu, on the AskATEC Peer Mentor LIVE channel, and for walk-in assistance ATC 1.701.


Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, use the following link to select your assigned advisor: ScheduleATEC.  

Prospective Students – Visiting ATEC and UTD

Prospective students are encouraged to register to attend an About ATEC session for information about the ATEC major specifically. Check out our "Visit ATEC" page for more details and additional prospective student opportunities offered by UTD.

If you're unable to sign up to attend About ATEC, you may alternatively schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Advising Peer Mentors. During this appointment, questions about the ATEC major, pathways, ATEC-specific scholarships, and ATEC academic questions will be discussed. The Advising Peer Mentor will also provide a tour of the ATC Building if desired, please contact  ATECadvising@utdallas.edu.

While on campus, we recommend that you also:

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