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Upcoming Semester- Course Applications

The courses below each have their own application requirements and prerequisites. Please view the corresponding application link to learn more about each one.

Applications for classes below are CLOSED.

Any questions or concerns please email Alex Gutierrez at alex.gutierrez@utdallas.edu.


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Fall 2022

ATCM 4317 Animation Lab II

This advanced course mimics an animation studio environment. All major areas of production are represented and work together to create a fully realized 3D animated short. This course utilizes various aspects of all areas of computer animation including story development, layout, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting, rendering/compositing, sound design, and project planning and management. This is a two-semester sequence course.

Prerequisites: Submission of application.

Application Link: https://bit.ly/FA2022_AnimLabII


ATCM 4319.001 Topics in Animation: Experimental Animation

The Experimental Animation course is for students who already know how to animate, are passionate about alternative processes, and would like to experiment with different  techniques of animation. This is a hands-on practical course with limited seats.

Prerequisites: ATCM 2310 Animation and Games Fundamentals & Submission of Application.

Application Link: Closed.


ATCM 4376_4377 Game Production Lab

This course functions as a simulation of the game development industry and is intended for students who have completed substantial coursework in game development and design. Students in the course develop selected original game concepts through multiple iterations and milestones, culminating in a professional-level release. Registration for this course will be based on the faculty's review of the student's portfolio.

Prerequisites: Submission of application.

Application Link: Closed.  

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