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Upcoming Semester- Course Applications

The courses below each have their own application requirements and prerequisites. Please view the corresponding application link to learn more about each one. All applications open on Friday, March 8, 2019 at 8:00am and close on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 11:59pm. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted. Course sizes are limited and not all students will be accepted. 

Animation Pathway/Concentration students please complete the Course Selection Survey that was emailed to you no later than Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 11:59pm. This survey will grant you priority registration into some of the courses below. Any course NOT listed on your survey requires that you complete an application. 

ATCM 4376 Game Production Lab I has different dates and times, please continue reading below.  


Summer 2019

ATCM 4364 Topics in Design & Production: Motion Graphics Lab

This class will be an advanced motion graphics studio course that will mimic the environment and activities of a motion design studio. Student teams will work on developing an animated visual essay piece, aka “explainer video”, for an actual client-based project. You will work as part of a team on developing a visual treatment for a provided script and then work through all aspects of completing the short animated motion graphics piece and delivering to the client. Areas of practice will include concept art, storyboarding and pitching ideas, animation, sound design, editing, project mgt. Prerequisite: Department Consent.

**ALL students (regardless of pathway) will NEED to apply for this course.**

Application Link: Closed.

Fall 2019

ATCM 3309 Pre-Production Design 

This course focuses on techniques used to develop ideas into viable animation concepts. Students will learn methods to break down ideas, write log lines and treatments, create concept art, and produce storyboards and story reels. Prerequisite: ATCM 2305 or ATCM 2365 or instructor consent. 

Application Link: Closed.

ATCM 4305 Computer Animation II

This course is a further exploration of ideas and principles and concepts utilized in the Computer Animation I course. This class will focus on mechanics, movement of the human body and translation into believable performances through animation. Registration for this course will be based on the faculty's review of the student's portfolio. Prerequisites: ATCM 3305 and department consent required.

Application Link: Closed.

ATCM 4306 Modeling & Texturing II 

This advanced level course builds on the topics and workflows presented in Modeling and Texturing I. Advanced modeling and texturing concepts and fundamentals are discussed and examined. The principles and techniques covered are geared towards feature film and television work, but also apply to video game model creation. Areas covered include mesh, visualization, and proper mesh flow on organic surfaces, digital sculpting and 3D painting applications. Prerequisites: ATCM 3306 and department consent required.

Application Link: Closed.

ATCM 4317 Animation Lab II 

This advanced course mimics an animation studio environment. All major areas of production are represented and work together to create a fully realized 3D animated short. This course utilizes various aspects of all areas of computer animation including story development, layout, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting, rendering/compositing, sound design, and project planning and management. This is a two-semester sequence course. May be repeated for credit as projects vary (6-semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisites: (ATCM 3305 or ATCM 3306 or ATCM 3307 or ATCM 3308) and department consent required.

**Interested students may only apply to Game Lab or Animation Lab. Students MAY NOT apply to both in any given semester. Students on the Animation/Games Pathways will still NEED to apply for this course**

Application Link: Closed.

ATCM 4319 Topics in Animation: Visual Story 

The Visual Story course focuses on storyboarding and all its components. Topics include cinematography basics, understanding character influence on visuals, and basic storyboarding rules and practices. Students will create traditionally draw storyboard sequences, pitch their ideas, and receive detailed critique. This course requires successful completion of ATCM 3309 Pre-Production Design I.

Application Link: Closed.

ATCM 4376 Game Production Lab I 

This course functions as a simulation of the game development industry and is intended for students who have completed substantial coursework in game development and design. Students in the course develop selected original game concepts through multiple interations and milestones, culminating in a professional-level release. Registration for this course will be based on the faculty's review of the student's portfolio. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (6 semester credit hours maximum). Instructor consent required. 

There are two ways of applying: Creative Directors or Team Members; please continue to read below as the dates for each application are different. 

1. Creative Directors- Pitching & Leading 

In order for an idea to be accepted into Game Production Lab (and assigned a team), it must first be pitched to a group of faculty and peers. If selected and approved, you will be expected to lead a team of students to create the approved project pitch. If you would like to pitch a project for Game Production Lab, you will need to apply as a Creative Director by filling out the survey below.

Application Link: Closed.

2. Team Members- Creating as part of a team

Students can apply to take Game Production Lab as a team member, where they will work in a group to create the approved projects. After applying (and if approved), you will be assigned to teams based on your skillsets and at the Instructor’s discretion. Please note that team spots are limited and not every applicant will be approved. Approval is based on quality of submitted work and required team composition for the approved projects that semester. Team Member Applications open around the time that Pitches are happening. You can apply before or after you see the pitches. 

If you would like to apply to participate in Game Lab as a Team Member, fill out the survey below. 

Application Link: Closed


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