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Upcoming Semester- Course Applications

The courses below each have their own application requirements and prerequisites. Please view the corresponding application link to learn more about each one. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted. Course sizes are limited and not all students will be accepted. 

Animation Pathway/Concentration students please complete the Course Selection Survey that will be emailed to you. The survey will grant you priority registration into some of the courses below. Any course NOT listed on the survey requires that you complete an application. 


ATCM 4376 Game Production Lab I has a different timeline, please click here for more information.  


Spring 2020

Applications will be available Friday, October 11th and will close on Sunday, October 27th at 11:59PM. Decisions will be sent out via email on Friday, November 1st.

ATCM 3309 Pre-Production Design

This course focuses on techniques used to develop ideas into viable animation concepts. Students will learn methods to break down ideas, write log lines and treatments, create concept art, and produce storyboards and story reels. Prerequisite: ATCM 2305, 2365, or 2310 and instructor consent.

Application Link: CLOSED

ATCM 4305 Computer Animation II

This course is a further exploration of ideas and principles and concepts utilized in the Computer Animation I course. This class will focus on mechanics, movement of the human body and translation into believable performances through animation. Registration for this course will be based on the faculty's review of the student's portfolio. Prerequisites: ATCM 3305 and department consent required.

Application Link: CLOSED

ATCM 4307 Lighting & Composition II

This advanced level course builds on the topics and workflows presented in Lighting and Composition I. Advanced lighting and compositing fundamentals are discussed and examined. The principles and techniques covered are geared towards feature film and television work. Areas covered include Global Illumination, image based lighting (IBL), and node based compositing. Prerequisites: ATCM 3307 and department consent required.

Application Link: CLOSED

ATCM 4315 Computer Animation III

In this course, students will establish an understanding of acting and body language as it pertains to animation. Students will continue to build a vocabulary of terms and concepts and develop their constructive, technical, and aesthetic ability to critique as it relates to animation as an art form. Students will continue to develop a practical understanding of the specific computers and software used in the course as it pertains to the animation workflow. Prerequisites: ATCM 4305 and department consent required.

Application Link: CLOSED

ATCM 4316 Animation Lab I*

This advanced course mimics an animation studio environment. All major areas of production are represented and work together to create a fully realized 3D animated short. This course utilizes various aspects of all areas of computer animation including story development, layout, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting, rendering/compositing, sound design, and project planning and management. This is a two semester sequence course. May be repeated for credit as projects vary (6 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisites: (ATCM 3305 or ATCM 3306 or ATCM 3307 or ATCM 3308) and department consent required.

*Interested students may only apply to Game Lab or Animation Studio. Students may not apply to both in any given semester. Students on the Animation/Games Pathways will still NEED to apply for this course.


Application Link: CLOSED



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